Neden biz?

Why our cup is the best?

Choosing a hosting company is like choosing someone you trust. Because your financial information, personal information, and any other information will be on your site.

Security and Backup

We automatically back up for all hosting plans. You can restore backups over several previous time points.


Our hosting service operates on reliable data centers, so we guarantee a business continuity of up to 99.9%.

Technical support

The customer service team and technical support are ready to receive your call at any time, day or night. We also strive to resolve all problems as soon as possible.

Complete solutions

Do you want to move from another hosting? Would you like to raise your current website? All of this is included in all hosting plans for free.

Who are we?

FinjanHost is a leading Internet services company. Since its inception in 2015, FinjanHost has been creating new ways to achieve its vision: empowering people to make the most of the Internet. By providing comprehensive tools to many users around the world, so anyone who is a beginner or an expert can take advantage of the Web and enrich it.

  • We sell to all over the world.
  • 24/7 Outstanding technical support.
  • We use the latest technologies.

Better internet for all

Not a goal to make people use the Internet only. Seeking - FinjanHost - to make the internet better and safer for everyone. We fight spammers, ban pornography, and invest in countless open source projects to help drive the Internet to its full potential. We enhance coherence on the Internet and do everything in our power to achieve a safe place where young people and adults, novices and experts, can make the most of the Internet to accomplish great things.